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Celebration in honor of the best company’s employees and a gala concert took place on February 12, 2019 in «High Precision Systems» joint stock company scientific production association in JSC «Design Bureau of Instrument Engineering. Academician A.G. Shipunova». .

Over 30 employees of JSC KBP JSC «Shcheglovsky Val» were awarded with certificates and letter of thanks. JSC «Shcheglovsky Val» held a gala concert After the awards ceremony in the assembly shop of heavy machines. Honored Artist of Russia, the soloist of the Tula Regional Philharmonic Society V.G. Sladkov took part in it and ensemble «Inspiration», which consists of employees of JSC «Shcheglovsky val».

V.V. Kovalev, First Deputy Managing Director of KBP JSC, while speaking at the ceremonial event, noted: “The success of the work in the powerful structure is confirmed by the figures: the company's revenue increased by 8 times during the merger of JSC NPO High-Precision Complexes and JSC KBP. This is our joint achievement.

JSC «High Precision Systems» have got enormous production capabilities for the further development of the manufacture of military equipment today due to powerful organizational strength of «High Precision Systems» joint stock company scientific production association and JSC KBP. Much has been done over the past 10 years. JSC Scientific-Production Association» High-Precision Complexes united over 21 enterprises, including JSC «Shcheglovsky Val». The volume of products manufactured by the company has increased by over 10 times during this time. Its nomenclature has increased as well.