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The Federal Research and Production Center «Central Research Institute of Automation and Hydraulics» holds leading positions in the high-precision control systems and drives development for weapon systems while possessing a powerful intellectual potential in control systems, information technologies, precision mechanics, optics, electronics, hydraulics and computer technology development field.

The current institute specializes in the design and manufacture of:

  • inertial control systems and extreme correlation guidance systems for aircraft;
  • electric and electro-hydraulic steering and servo drives of various capacities;
  • optical-electronic systems;
  • telecontrol systems;
  • electromechanical, electronic and hydraulic equipment;
  • computing systems and their software;
  • stationary and mobile automated complexes for receiving, interactive video information processing and transmission;
  • multifunctional amplitude precision digital angle transducers;
  • energy saving equipment;
  • medical computer diagnostic systems;
  • implants from biocomposite materials to eliminate bone tissues defects and deformations

Highly qualified scientific, design and production personnel, scientific and technical means and production capabilities (including serial manufacturing plants) allow Central Research Institute of Automation and Hydraulics JSC to quickly implement «development - manufacture – test» closed design cycle. Central Research Institute of Automation and Hydraulics JSC has got the licenses for the weapons and military equipment development, production and repair.