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JSC «Scientific and Production Corporation «Engineering Design Bureau» is the only Russian Federation company which creates mobile high-precision tactical missile systems and operational-tactical missile systems.

«Tochka», «Tochka-U», «Oka» tactical operational missile complexes have been provided for arm. Iskander-M tactical missile systems, intended to covertly prepare missile strikes for launching and destroying particularly important small-sized and area targets in the operational-tactical depth of the potential enemy troops, was launched in 2006.

«Iskander-M» complex’s combat and operational characteristics improvement works have been still continuing. State complex tests with new missiles types and a new control system were completed on February 2012.
«Iskander-M» complex serial production and delivery within a long-term contract is continuing, while JSC «Scientific and Production Corporation» Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering» performs the head organization role in the serial production.
JSC «Scientific and Production Corporation «Engineering Design Bureau» supplied the troops with two Iskander-M complex sets to equip missile brigades in 2013, according to the agreement with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
«Iskander-M» tactical missile systems is the most effective weapon in its class, significantly ahead of the best foreign analogues. The complex will significantly increase the Russian Missile Forces and Artillery capabilities. It is intended to become the basis of the Ground Forces rocket formations and one of the most important system’s elements, ensuring state security of the Russian Federation.
The engineering design bureau is the only developer in the country, which has created the entire range of domestic portable anti-aircraft missile system in the portable air defense missile systems class. The following complexes, namely «Strela-2», «Strela-2M», «Strela-3», «Igla-1», «Igla» have been provided for arm. Igla-S, new generation portable anti-aircraft missile system, was created in 2002 in order to provide highly effective destruction of both aircraft and helicopters, as well as cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. All Igla-S portable anti-aircraft missile system creation works were completed without the budget funds involvement.
The company developed a set of equipment and launch modules for «Strelets» to provide portable anti-aircraft missile system missiles from air, sea and land-based carriers for the firing at its own expense. Nowadays, the kit has been provided for arm as part of «Gibka» Autonomous Self-Defense Module on «Astrakhan» spacecraft and as part of Mi-28N helicopter guided weapons complex as well.
JSC «Scientific and Production Corporation «Engineering Design Bureau» became their first creator in the USSR in the anti-tank missile systems class (ATGM). «Shmel», «Malyutka», «Malyutka-P», «Storm-V» helicopter complex and «Storm-S» self-propelled complex with a single supersonic missile for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation «Storm», and then - since 1996 - more powerful rocket «Ataka», which has several modifications, depending on the military equipment type in different years, have been provided for arm.
The first all-weather, multichannel self-propelled unique «Khrisantema-S» ATGM, equipped with an automatic control system, has been provided for arm in 2005.
Mi-28N combat helicopter equipping with «Ataka-VN» guided weapons complex with «Ataka» multi-purpose missile have been completed successfully. Now they are being mass-produced.
«Storm-V» complex naval launcher state tests with «Ataka» missile for the project boat 10412 were completed in 2010.
The development work on «Arena» active defense system creation, intended to protect armored vehicles from hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers and anti-tank guided missiles, has been completed in full.
The company’s staff has created about 20 high-precision weapons complexes and their modifications for the past 10 years.