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«Engineering Design Bureau» delegation visited the memorial plaque opening ceremony to the Defense Industry’s Minister of the USSR from 1979 to 1989 to P.V. Finogenov, the Hero of Socialist Labor, on February 28, 2019. Memorial bas-relief has been set in Moscow on the building at the address: Shchepkina st., 42, which previously occupied the Ministry of Defense, now - the state corporation for «Roskosmos» space activities.

Pavel V. Finogenov dedicated all his life, starting with the V.A. Degtyarev plant in Kovrov, to the military-industrial complex. Then he managed to move to the state level in 1963, while taking the post of the department head - a member of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers on defense technology.

The rocket armament wide range construction by the Engineering Design Bureau, ranging from the first «Strela-2» portable air defense missile system to the powerful Oka, was connected with his leadership period.

P.V. Finogenov’s enormous merit to the country is the strategic purpose mobile complexes creation, which played an important role in the power balance in the world political arena.

P. Finogenov is holder of two Orders of Lenin, Orders of the October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor, Red Star, «Badge of Honor», winner of Lenin and two State Prizes of the USSR.

O. I. Bochkarev, the deputy chairman of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, D.V. Kapranov, the director of the Industry Department of Conventional Arms, Ammunition and Special Chemistry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, veterans of the Ministry of Defense Industry, representatives of defense enterprises visited the current board opening.

Kolomna citizens laid flowers and paid tribute to the outstanding leader.