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KBP today is one of the recognized world leaders in the high-precision weapons, small arms and cannon weapons, sports and hunting weapons field.

Founded in 1927, for over 80 years, KBP has successfully coped with the tasks of designing the most modern, advanced for its time weapon, superior in its characteristics to world analogues. The company’s team has successfully developed, mastered in mass production and released over 150 weapons and military equipment samples to the Russian Federation Army.

Today KBP is a powerful research and production center, engaged in the most advanced precision weapons systems creation. While being the leading developer in the sophisticated weapons development, KBP coordinates the work of a large number of companies and organizations, including institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation and the Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense, forms the ideology and prospects for the weapons development on a national scale. The technical solutions, which KBP developments are based in, contain over 5000 inventions.

KBP provides powerful production base, which allows mass weapons production. The company employs several thousand workers and engineers while machine and process equipment allows manufacturing mechanical and electronic components, any complexity systems, as well as working out advanced technological processes for manufacturing parts and components in areas such as composite materials, metalworking, and radio electronics. Some of the components are thermal imagers, radars, laser range finders, target indicators, etc. are developed and produced jointly with other leading Russian companies since KBP creates weapons for all troops types. In addition to the weapons supply, the company can sell licenses and technical documentation, as well as conduct, in the interests of the foreign customer, research and development work on the new weapons types creation as well as the existing ones modernization.

Weapons developed by KBP are used by over 60 states’ armies.