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JSC «KBP»is one of the leading Russian military-industrial complex companies, engaged in high-precision weapons systems innovative creation and production. Diversification issues are resolved by the company through initiative research series on civilian products development. Currently, «Lancet-2M» laser surgical device is being developed at own expense. The project development currently is at development work stage.

JSC «KBP» «TsKIB SOO» department is engaged in perspective hunting and sporting weapons models creation, as well as small arms miniatures production. Company’s specialists regularly take part in meetings of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Military Industrial Complex under the Government of the Russian Federation as well as meetings and conferences, devoted to diversification issues.

In 2018, certain company’s employees took part in the «Vector» training program, aimed at identifying and training technology leaders, «Rostec» Group of Companies employees necessary competence improvement, required for new high-tech civilian trends development. Four people from JSC «KBP» with projects on civilian subjects went to the final program round.

Besides two company’s employees became laureates of the All-Russian competition Analyst of the Defense Industry Complex of Russia on «Defense Industry Complex diversification» topic, held by the Economic Strategies Institute with the participation of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of Russian Federation.