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JSC «Design Bureau of Precision Engineering named after A.E. Nudelman» is traditionally a widely diversified enterprise in the weapons and military equipment creation and development field for almost all armed forces types, including the Ground Forces, Navy and Air Force Force.

KB Tochmash, while being specialized in high-precision weapons development, uses the advanced achievements of science and technology, as well as independently developing the latest technologies, relying on highly qualified scientists and engineers staff as well as the first-class design school based on World War II years. Original design solutions, high scientific and technical potential and the efficiency of the team allowed to create weapons and military equipment that have no analogues not only in the country but also in the world. The best heavy-caliber guns of the Second World War, NS-37, NS-45, NS-23, were developed at KB Tochmash. A unique air guided missiles system of modular design of the air-surface class, known as the S-25 system, and the near-line anti-aircraft missile systems of the Strela-10 type, with four upgrades, the world's first «Cobra» guided missile-guided armament complex and the «Phalang» anti-tank missile system were developed and put into service.

KB Tochmash high-precision weapons development concept is based on principles which allow the weapons creation of relatively low cost and modern requirements, which means unification as intraspecific, especially, interspecific, modular-block design principle, systems integration on various physical principles, as well as a method for constructing a basic sample with a large modernization potential and with a pre-calculated ability to gradually build up the characteristics, i.e. the creation of perspective series of modernization of the complexes through relatively low financial and labor costs.

KB Tochmash provides a high degree of readiness of the design documentation developed at the enterprise for mass production, its low labor intensity, as well as simplicity in training and operating high-precision weapons created at the enterprise, which is reflected in the traditionally good partnership relationship with the military in addition to ensuring the scientific and technical level of projects, one of the traditions.

One of the most productive ways of qualitatively raising the level of an enterprise in modern conditions is the creation of export-oriented weapons and military equipment. The scientific and technical potential and the level of development of the production capacities of enterprises make it possible to hope that in case of successful implementation of the ongoing and planned developments, KB Tochmash will take a stable position in foreign markets for weapons and military equipment.