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JSC «Safonovsky Plant «Gidrometpribor» was founded in 1960. Еhe Council of the National Economy of the Smolensk Economic Administrative Region planned to build 10 new industrial enterprises, including a plant for the hydro meteorological devices production and set a start date for production — 2 quarter 1960 by Decree No. 47 of February 9, 1960. Hydro meteorological tools, control devices and mobile environmental monitoring laboratories production was the main activity. The plant has been transformed into a joint-stock company since 2003. «Gidrometpribor» Safonov Plant JSC is one of the leading hydrometeorological equipment manufacturers and suppliers in both the Russian Federation as well as the countries of near and far abroad.

The civilian products, produced by the plant, include tools and equipment for measuring wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity, wind sensors, etc., as well as a wide selection of souvenir barometers, clock barometers and thermometers in exclusive wooden cases, being highly demanded in the consumer goods market. Profile special products, produced by the company, are supplied to the Ministries of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russian Federation and exported to both the CIS countries and abroad. Manufactured military equipment is widely known and highly competitive. VK-316M absolute pressure gauge, manufactured by our plant, successfully operates on the ISS. Основными экспортёрами продукции являются республика Беларусь, Казахстан, Молдова, Украина, Узбекистан.
The Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan are the main products exporters. The company's products have repeatedly received recognition at both Russian Federation and international exhibitions and fairs, while being were awarded with medals and diplomas as well. The newest defense and civil products types production has been mastering over the past five years. The company provides both own production devices and other manufacturers’ ones maintenance, repair and calibration. Products are certified by the State Standard of the Russian Federation. The company is one of the stably operating ones. The operations results correspond to the industry trends.