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JSC «Special Design Bureau «Turbina» is a specialized and unique developer and manufacturer of small-sized gas turbine engines and multifunctional gas turbine power units with a capacity up to 45 kW for armored vehicles, rocket artillery weapons and other ground-based military equipment types in both the Russian Federation and countries of the near abroad, as well as boosting units for special industry’s engines.

JSC «Special Design Bureau «Turbina» has got both the background and capabilities to carry out developments, according to the customers’ requirements, while ensuring the units multifunctionality, the total output power of the driving units in the range of 12-45 kW, the auxiliary power units implementation with any autonomy level, the auxiliary power units performance in any layout options.

The company conducts a full cycle of works on its specialization - research and development work on new products and their modernization creation, the serial products manufacture of their own design, their repair, warranty and post-warranty service, designer supervision.

JSC «Special Design Bureau «Turbina» has got an experimental base, including special stands, stands for testing individual components and products in general, has proven techniques and programs set to create products at a high technical level.