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«Metalist» plant decided to install a memorial plaque on the plant management building, while preparing for the company’s anniversary.

Now «ex-House of Soviets» has found its new name, namely «House of Ivan Firsanov», hereby perpetuating the memory of our countryman. It became a historical monument and is protected by the state from now. The descendant Alexey N. Firsanov, invited to the presentation of the House and the opening of the memorial plaque, told a lot of interesting things about the numerous family and deeds of Serpukhov merchants, their considerable charity.

Andrei D. Pilipenko, the museum senior researcher, having thoroughly studied Firsovs' Serpukhov merchant family history, presented the most interesting facts about this family and the architectural value of the «House of Soviets» - the famous mansion on Sovetskaya Street at the presentation. The city house, built at Serpukhov residents’, Moscow merchants of the first guild, the brothers Ivan G. and Peter G. Firsanov expense on the former Nikolskaya street, is 110 years old. The current house is well preserved since it was never empty, despite such a respectable age.

The track record of a house on Sovetskaya street is as follows:

From 1905 to 1917 the City Duma and the Government were located in the current building.

From 1917 to 1974 - the city and district councils of people's deputies, and all Serpukhov residents called it the House of Soviets.

The Committee of Defense of Serpukhov was located here during the Great Patriotic War in 1941-1942.