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The traditional meeting of generations of the Metalist plant was held on the International Women's Day eve of in the renovated «Greek Hall» of this famous company.

Majestic, stucco-faced ceilings and walls, luxurious lamps and sparkling parquet perfectly corresponded to two important and overlapping significant dates celebration event - February 23 and March 8.

The meeting was prepared and conducted by the plant administration, the Council of veterans and the trade union committee of the company. Sergei Onischuk, the plant’s CEO, is engaged in such events opening and conducting. But this time Deputy CEO Valery Anisimov, Chairman of the Council of Veterans Peter Fonin, Chairman of the Trade Union Oleg Isakov and Veteran Yevgeny Volochkin conducted the current meeting since a business trip this time caught Sergei Onischuk far from his plant. They both congratulated the audience with the holiday and wished them good health as well as made a peculiar report on the work done.

The veterans were especially enthusiastic and joyful while receiving the changes news which took place at the plant, namely the difficult period of survival for Metalist terminated and it starts its new ascent round. The plant entered the federal target program for the military-industrial complex enterprises development for 2011–2020, due to which it should become the leading manufacturer of laser gyroscopes, quartz accelerometers and strapdown inertial navigation systems, based on these sensors in the Russian Federation, primarily for operational-tactical missile complex «Iskander-M». Veterans could personally see all this during a tour of the updated exposition of the Museum of Labor and Military Glory, which reflects the main milestones in the enterprise development.

Factory workers treat their veterans - the enterprise’ «golden fund», with a great respect. Hence the longstanding Metalist’s tradition to celebrate all the significant big family’s events, since the older generation helps to maintain labor traditions and foster loyalty to the native enterprise and support patriotic education among young generation. Each veteran is provided with both attention and care despite their little number, namely two thousand ones. So, this time, Metalist’s youth representatives spoke with words of gratitude to the older generation. They congratulated the veterans with the holiday and gave flowers.
The veterans are welcome every day, in addition to holidays dates. Besides Yevgeny Volochkin, the veteran movement activist, reminded the audience, that Metalist organizes a meeting of the Council of Veterans, where they wait for everyone with their both aspirations and issues as well every third Wednesday of the month.

And the generations meeting, terminated with viewing of 35-year-old newsreel frames, filmed by Georgy Belotsvetov, the plant's veteran, which has already become history and family meeting as well with traditional songs, dances and tea drinking.