About product

The lightest 30 mm gun in the world intended to equip fighters (MiG-29, Su-27, Su-30, Su-33, Su-35), front bombers, vertical take-off and landing aircraft (Yak-38).

Key features

  • a unique basic automatic recoil-type scheme allowed to minimize the mass of weapons and give the highest rate of fire for the 30-mm cannon per barrel. The annular return spring and double-acting hydraulic brake effectively dissipate the excess energy of the moving parts, stabilizing the automation when firing. The possibility of left and right tape power supply is implemented, electric pyrotechnic recharge, there is a sensor of the cartridge rest balance;
  • unconventional «non-material-intensive» principles of building and operating weapons were implemented:
  • cartridge - automation element;
  • unstressed «throwing» dropping;
  • «gas» extraction of spent cartridge case;
  • partial overlap in time of these operations.
  • the main feature is an autonomous system of water-vapor cooling of the barrel.