About product

APN-18 multifunctional power unit with 16 kW rated power is intended to organize power supply in industrial, commercial and residential buildings autonomous or parallel mode.


APN series gas turbine units are the newest turbines type intended to generate electrical and thermal energy by burning (utilization) as a fuel for natural gas, which makes it possible to achieve the efficiency indicator in the electricity production up to 32%, in the electricity and heat production 65-92%, the electrical energy ratio to heat in the cogeneration mode is about 1:2.

Microgas turbine plants are able to operate in trigeneration mode, generating electricity, heat and cold for technological needs as well.

Microgas turbine units are effectively used in low temperatures conditions (areas of the Far North and the Arctic), capable of ensuring the remote facilities operation without operator participation, and provide a high launch rate.

APN-18 power unit benefits

APG utilization

the opportunity to work on APG with the H2S level up to 7% while the condensed moisture is absent

Production on the territory of the Russian Federation

the spare parts supply from Russian Federation and power plants maintenance will save up to 50% of the budget for service;

The minimum service frequency

at least once a year (8 700 hours);


cluster supply up to 160 kW, low installation site requirements;

Mode selection variability

in parallel with the network, autonomously, as the main and backup energy source

Loads elasticity

the ability to work in the load range from 0 to 100% without stopping and reducing the resource

Ecological indicators

the harmful substances emissions level in the energy production by installation <9-15 ppm, noise level up to 90 dB

Autonomous power supply

microturbines function as a backup energy source and have the ability to remotely control;

Application in aggressive environments

special design: additional air filtration, all-weather or sea container, operation at low negative temperatures (up to -60°C);

Convenient system for remote monitoring and installation control

incl. via GSM module, radio module, etc.;

High generated energy quality

the installation generates G3 class energy (according to GOST 503987-2010);


heat energy utilization increases efficiency up to 92% (optional).

Main benefits


the recuperator use can significantly reduce the fuel amount consumed by thermal energy use from combustion products, which positively effects on efficiency increase

Combustion chamber

fuel-air mixture combustion in the combustion chamber occurs at constant pressure and low operating temperatures, which results in harmful atmospheric emissions decrease

Special materials

gas turbine engine flow section elements are made of special heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, which makes it possible to use various gaseous hydrocarbon fuel types with a fairly wide calorific values range including natural gas, associated petroleum gas.