About product

TD30 small gas turbine engines is used as an engine for civil unmanned aerial vehicles, in small manned aircraft, and also in aeromodelling.


The compact gas turbine engine has got a typical design scheme: a subsonic inlet device, a single-stage centrifugal compressor, a counter-flow combustion chamber, a single-stage axial turbine, and a converging jet nozzle. The engine is equipped with an electronic control system, an electrically driven fuel metering pump, an oil circulating system with an electrically driven oil pump and a low-voltage ignition system.

TD30 small gas turbine engines benefits

  • TD30 small gas turbine engines, produced by JSC SDB «Turbina» reduces service costs by supplying domestic spare parts and carrying out maintenance and repair work by a Russian enterprise;
  • The specific fuel consumption is less than the foreign analogues one;
  • The generator power exceeds the same small-sized foreign-made turbojet engines.

Main design benefits

  • Solid-wheel turbine: low manufacturing cost, maintainability, design simplicity.
  • Electronic control system: small dimensions and weight, the opportunity to be placed separately from the engine, layout simplicity.
  • The high-speed starter-generator presence: the launch reliability, power provision to the on-board network, the size and weight reduction.