About product

Guided weapons complex for mortars of 120 mm caliber.
It affects single and group stationary and moving, armored and unarmored targets and engineering structures when firing from mortars of 120 mm caliber.

General characteristics

  • When used in combat, «Gran» complex strikes, both day and night, with the first shot without zeroing, both fixed and moving targets. Targets located at a distance of up to 300 m from each other are affected not only by using a single firing angle, but also without changing the firing settings set in the mine.
  • Shooting at the same time from several mortars at several targets without interfering with each other, shooting at reduced meteo-ballistic preparation of initial installations, hitting targets moving in narrow aisles behind high crests of shelters, including accurate re-shooting at night - all this significantly increases the mortar weapons effectiveness, especially in difficult terrain, where the use of artillery is difficult.
  • «Gran» complex use mobility is determined by the especially developed «Malachite» automated fire control system, which provides detection and illumination of targets (including at night) in remote areas, topographic targeting and orientation of the main and sub-day systems, automated calculation and input shooting settings.
  • Evaluation of combat effectiveness shows that «Gran» system with high efficiency and a small amount of attracted funds and consumption of guided mines makes it possible to ensure a high destruction level in conditions when regular mortar and artillery weapons are practically ineffective.

Additional information

«Malachite» complex detects and illuminates targets (including at night), topographic location and orientation of the firing position and command and observation post, automated calculation and commissioning of firing units.