About product

KM-3 guided weapons complex for 122 mm caliber artillery systems.
It is intended to destroy single and group, stationary and moving, armored and unarmored targets and engineering structures from towed and self-propelled artillery systems of 122 mm caliber.

General characteristics

While being used in combat, «Kitolov-2M» complex provides:

  • direct hitting the target with the first shot without zeroing;
  • defeat of group (dispersed) targets on single firing units;
  • shooting with reduced meteoballistic training;
  • hitting a target from above to the top, least protected, projection of the target;
  • salvo fire (methodical fire) with an interval of 20-25 seconds and retargeting the laser pointer to neighboring targets in the interval between the cycles of the illumination.

Additional information

  • The wearable complex of automated fire control systems «Malachite» provides detection and illumination of targets (including at night), topographic location and orientation of the firing position and command and observation post, automated calculation of firing installations.
  • «Kitolov-2M» complex use significantly increases the effectiveness of battalion artillery, firstly, by directly hitting the target of the guided projectile with a much greater power of its warhead compared to the standard high-explosive fragmentation projectile, and, secondly, it is possible to successfully hit tanks, including moving.