About product

«Krasnopol-M2» guided weapons complex for 155 mm caliber artillery systems.
It is intended to defeat fixed and moving armored and unarmored targets and engineering structures of 155-mm artillery systems (G5, G6, M109, FH77, TRF1 and others).

General characteristics

While being used in combat, «Krasnopol-M2» complex provides:

  • the transition from the traditional methods of firing group targets (shooting on «area») to the highly accurate individual targets destruction;
  • hitting a target with the first shot without zeroing;
  • defeat moving targets;
  • defeat targets in day and night conditions from closed and open firing positions;
  • defeat targets located at a considerable distance from each other without changing the shooting settings;
  • defeat heavily fortified targets with a volley of several guns.

Additional information

«Malachite» complex detects and illuminates targets (including at night), topographic location and orientation of the firing position and command and observation post, automated calculation and commissioning of firing units.