About product

Guided weapons complex for artillery systems of caliber 152/155mm.
It is intended to hit the first shot without shooting tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery, both moving (at speeds up to 36 km/h) and stationary, located openly and in trenches, as well as dugouts, bridges, crossings, surface targets (combat, landing and transport ships) at ranges from 3 to 20 km.

General characteristics

  • «Krasnopol» guided weapons complex use is provided by regular artillery units and does not impose additional requirements on the equipment of the firing positions and command and observation post, as well as on meteo-and geodeological training accuracy .
  • «Krasnopol» guided projectile shooting an be carried out both from towed guns and from self-propelled howitzers of 152/155 mm caliber from open or closed firing positions..
  • means of active defense projectile is made in the form of two compartments, which are joined before firing using a fast-spinning joint in order to be placed in a regular ammunition.

Additional information

«Krasnopol» guided artillery shell does not require technical inspections and routine maintenance for 10 years of storage in warehouses.

Laser designators-rangefinders can be used in «Krasnopol» complex both from Russian production (1Д22, 1Д26, ЛЦД-3М1) and from foreign countries, for example, France (LCD DHY307)..