About product

«Bakhcha» combat module intended to ensure effective combat operations by infantry units in the offensive and defense without tanks and artillery support. It is located on BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-3 chassis, the «Rostok» armored personnel carrier (BTR), and other Russian and foreign similar capacity carriers, as well as on boats, ships and stationary objects. BMD-4 together with «Bakhcha» combat module are used by the Russian Army.

Tactical characteristics

Fire Control System


Gunner's scope

Combined with target, thermal,
laser distance measuring channels
and guided missile
control channel

Commander's scope

Panoramic, Television
with a ranging channel.

100-mm shot 3UBK23-3 «Arkan»

Armor penetration average

700 mm

Overcoming dynamic protection


Сontrol system

noise-proof, available by the laser beam

100-mm high-explosive projectile shot of increased power 3UOF19 and 3UOF19-1

Shooting range

6500 m

The initial projectile velocity

355 m/s

Average splinters spreading speed

1420 m/s

30 mm caliber

The initial projectile velocity

1120 m/s

Penetration (at an angle of 60º)
at a distance of 2000 m

22 mm

General characteristics

The unique weapons composition provides ground forces with the fundamentally new qualities:

  • 24/7 combat use;
  • shooting all weapons types at both day and night, from the spot, on the move, afloat;
  • shooting from closed firing positions;
  • effective shooting at air targets at the specialized anti-aircraft equipment level;
  • automatic tracking;
  • shooting duplication from the commander's position;
  • automatic all ammunition types loading.

The complex composition

Fighting compartment:

a weapon unit with a single automatic loader for 100-mm shots (HE and GM) and a power supply system for 30-mm and 7,62-mm rounds;

The unique 100-meter cannon launcher, a 30-mm automatic cannon and a 7.62-mm machine gun combination in a single weapon unit provides artillery missions and firing a 100-mm guided missile with a tandem-shaped cumulative warhead, high-performance 100-mm high-explosive fragmentation projectile and small-caliber cannon armament at various targets. Most targets can be destroyed by at least two weapons types.

A single automatic loader provides automatic 100-mm shots loading with guided missiles and high-explosive projectile. The loading guided missiles time is 5-6 sec.

Automatic fire control system;

Provides a significant weapons effectiveness increase in case of the entire targets nomenclature defeat within difficult meteorological and topographical conditions, from the spot, with the move and afloat, at day and night at all weapons use ranges.

Commander's scope

Provides an effective all-round search for targets and gunner functions duplication by the commander.

field of view

0.9 x1.2/4.5x6.2 degrees.

measured range

of 200-10000 m.

Gunner's scope

Provides firing with all weapons types at any time of the day.

daytime channel increase


measured range

of 200-10000 m.

increased power and firing range ammunition capacity;

communication system and space topography.

Auxiliary equipment.

Test equipment

Parts kit for the fighting compartment placement on the chassis


Training facilities.

9F864-1 simulator with the gunner, commander, instructor workplace module