About product

«Bereg» one-man combat station intended to be installed on the corresponding capacity wheeled and tracked chassis of domestic and foreign production, on ships and stationary objects

Tactical characteristics

GM 9M133FM-3 with non-contact target sensor:

Firing range

up to 10 000 m

The high-explosive warhead effectiveness

TNT equivalent
of 7 kg

Interference immunity


Artillery weapons

The composition (ammunition, units)

Automatic trigger 2A42 (300),
30mm AG-30 (300),
7.62 mm machine gun (2000)

Firing range:


2000 m

HEF projectiles

4000 m

Sighting range
grenade launcher shots
Grenade shot -17M / Grenade shot -30 / Grenade launcher for setting smoke curtain -30

1700/1700/2100 m

Combat gunner's sight

with reticle
thermal imaging,
laser rangefinder,
and GM
control channel

General characteristics

Gunner's sight

Provides firing with all weapons types at any time of the day.


  • high-precision two-plane head mirror stabilization system;
  • variable-frequency sighting channel;
  • frequency laser range finder;
  • informational small-sized laser channel for guided missile guidance;
  • highly efficient thermal imaging module;
  • electronic unit and monitor.

Measured range

of 200-10000 m

Day channel field of view

4/20 °

Sight stabilization
vertical and horizon line accuracy

0,05-0,1 mrad.

Sight guidance line


from -15 to +30 °


± 10 °

30mm automatic cannon

2A42 cannon is a multi-purpose small-caliber artillery with rationally used ammunition.

Effective range of automatic trigger:


2000 m

HEF projectiles

4000 m

Rate of shooting:


250-350 shots / min.


at least 500 shots / min.

Ammunition APDS-T (armor-piercing projectile)/high explosive incendiary projectile (F-T)

300 pcs.

30mm automatic grenade launcher

Weapons that combine high firepower and long range.

Sighting range
grenade rounds
VOG-17M / VOG-30 / GPD-30

1700/1700/2100 m


11 kg

A firing rate

of at least 400 shots / min.

Ammunition pack

300 shots

7.62 mm machine gun

Intended for the manpower and enemy firepower destruction.

Shooting range

2000 m

Shooting rate

700-800 shots / min.

Ammunition pack

2000 pcs.

ATGM 9M133-1 (GM 9M133F-1)

ATGM 9M133-1 with a tandem warhead affects all modern and advanced tanks, equipped with both mounted and built-in dynamic protection.

9M133F-1 GM with a thermobaric warhead of a high-explosive action has a large destruction radius by a shock wave and a high temperature of explosion products.

Shooting range

100-5500 m

Penetration of cumulative warhead

1000-1200 mm

TNT equivalent warhead explosive action

10 kg

ATGM 9M133M-2

ATGM 9M133M-2 with a tandem warhead affects all modern and promising tanks, equipped with both mounted and built-in dynamic protection.

Firing range

150-8000 m

Penetration of cumulative warhead

1100-1300 mm

9M133FM-3 GM

9M133FM-3 GM with a non-contact target sensor and a thermobaric warhead effectively hits aerial targets.

Firing range

150-10000 m

TNT equivalent of high-explosive warhead

7 kg

General characteristics

  • Defeat of armored ground and air targets of the GM "Kornet-EM" ("Kornet-E") at ranges of up to 8-10 km;
  • The tanks defeat equipped with all protection types, shooting by two GM "Kornet-EM" ("Kornet-E") in one beam;
  • Effective air targets defeat 30 mm automatic trigger 2A42;
  • Shooting all types of ammunition from the spot, on the move, afloat, day and night using a target tracking machine;
  • Shooting GM "Kornet-EM" ("Kornet-E"):
  • пon the principle of "shot-forget";
  • in the "excess" mode to reduce the probability of detection;
  • Two GM "Kornet-EM" ("Kornet-E") on rocket launcher;
  • All-day automatic fire control system.

Additional Information

Complex composition:

  • Control system:
    - gunner's sight;
    - ballistic computer with a sensor system;
    - automatic object tracking;
    - weapon stabilizer;
    - automation unit;
    - perator's console.
  • Weapon complex:
    - 30 mm automatic gun;
    - 30 mm automatic grenade launcher;
    - guided missiles ATGM 9M133-1 (GM 9M133F-1), Anti-tank guided missile 9M133M-2, GM 9M133FM-3;
    - 7.62 mm machine gun.
  • Auxiliary equipment.