About product

«Arena-E» active protection complex intended to protect tanks and infantry fighting vehicles from anti-tank grenades fired from any type of grenade launchers, as well as from anti-tank guided missiles launched from the ground and from helicopters that hit an armored personnel carrier object both at a direct hit and when flying over it.

Complex composition:

  • detection and control equipment - radar, computer, control panel (commander), command conversion units;
  • destruction means - protective ammunition and sections of the installation shafts;
  • test equipment.

General characteristics

  • detection and tracking of multi-purpose radar targets with an “instant” overview of space in the entire protected sector;
  • targeted destruction of targets due to protective ammunition of highly directional action with very high speed;
  • fully automatic work without crew;
  • the complex is all-weather and all-day-to-day; it detects and hits targets in any conditions of use of the Armored weapons and equipment object, including in motion and at the turns of the tower;
  • a large protection sector in azimuth -220 ° ... 270 °, moving together with the tower;
  • small danger zone size (radius 20 ... 30 m) for the support infantry and no impact on the external equipment of the armored personnel carrier object and elements of the complex when the incendiary tank is triggered;
  • a large margin and the possibility of multiple interception of targets, including from one direction;
  • high level of noise immunity and secrecy of use;
  • selection of low-speed objects, fragments and projectile explosions,
  • bullets and small-caliber projectiles, as well as targets moving away from the protection object and flying past him;
  • electromagnetic compatibility of the complex with the systems of the Armored weapons and equipment facility and between the complexes when using the Armored weapons and equipment facilities as part of the grouping
  • high security