About product

It is the first active tank defense system in the world that was mass-produced and installed on tanks.

Operation principle:

At a range of up to 330 m the radar is detected by an attacking anti-tank ammunition. If the object flies into the tank contour, then from a range of about 130 m the radar switches to tracking mode. In this mode, the EVS processes the signal reflected from the target, while determining the speed of the ammunition, the angle of approach to the tank. After processing the signal, the EVS determines the sector into which the ammunition falls, the mortar number and calculates the meeting point of the attacking ammunition and the protective charge of the active protection complex. At the right moment (which is calculated by the EVS), a protective charge is fired and at a distance of 6–7 m from the slice, mortars hit the attacker with ammunition field.

«Drozd» provides damage on the trajectory of attacking cumulative projectiles flying at a speed of 70 to 700 m / s in a sector in an azimuth of 80 ° and a corner of 20 °. Ready time to repel a repeated attack 0.35 sec. The recharge time of the complex is 15 minutes. Drozd complex installation increases the tank’s survival rate on the battlefield 1.2-1.5 times..

The rocket caliber 107 mm weighs 9 kg, the initial speed of 190 m / s. The undermining of the defensive missile occurs at a distance of 6 to 8 meters from the tank. With the undermining of the missile warhead, a fragmentation field is formed in an angle of ± 30 °. The speed of the fragments is about 1600 m / s, the weight of the fragment is about 3 g. The density of the fragmentation field is about 120 fragments per 1 m² at a distance of 1.5 m