About product

Developed for the first time in the world in order to combat tanks and armored vehicles, ensuring the firing of guided artillery projectile from the standard cannon of T-64B and T-80B tanks on the move and from the spot.
It is the first in the world tank guided weapons complex.

Basic construction principles

  • guided artillery projectile performance in the regular artillery shot dimensions and its placement in the standard tank loading mechanism;
  • performance of guided artillery projectile in a modular two-compartment layout (from the head compartment and the control compartment);
  • ensuring docking of the head compartment and the control compartment in the process of loading (when loading the guided artillery projectile into the gun bore);
  • complete set of guided artillery projectile with highly efficient combat unit of cumulative action;
  • application of radio command control system.

General characteristics

  • The opportunity of firing a guided artillery projectile from a tank on the move and from a place on any soil due to the introduction of the initial angle of elevation of the cannon, followed by a programmatic withdrawal of the guided artillery projectile to the target line of sight. The flight of guided artillery projectile over especially dusty soils occurs with excess over target line of sight with the subsequent lowering on it by the time of the meeting with the target.
  • Shooting a guided artillery projectile with a combat part of a cumulative action from a standard tank gun. The shell is placed in the mechanism of loading the tank in any quantitative proportions with artillery ammunition. The onboard equipment of guided artillery projectile stably functions in the conditions of operational and starting overloads of high intensity.
  • Guided artillery projectile is made in a modular two-compartment layout. In the front compartment are the combat unit and the propulsion system, in the rear - the equipment and throwing device. This design provides a chance for the projectile to increase the warhead power in a wide range that is difficult to achieve for conventional projectile schemes, and provides a real opportunity to maintain the armor penetration of the complex at the most modern requirements without any significant modifications for a long time.
  • The control system is semi-automatic, with a guided artillery projectile direction finding on the onboard radiator and transmission of commands over the radio link. The fire control system contains a quantum rangefinder sight with stabilization of the field of view in two planes, a built-in direction finder for tracking the guided artillery projectile emitter and a ballistic calculator with automatic input of corrections for the deflection of normal conditions and the guided artillery projectile flight path depending on the distance to the target.
  • High combat work automation level.