About product

It is intended to equip tanks T-55, T-62, T-72 in order to bring the combat effectiveness to the modern tanks level.

Tactical characteristics

Commander’s sight

field of view

0.9 x1.2 / 4.5x6.2 degrees

measured range

200-10000 m

gunner's sight

increase in daytime channel

х 12/2,5

measured range

200-10000 m

Object tracking machine

target tracking accuracy
in auto track mode

0,05-0,1 mrad

target tracking accuracy increase compared to a person

3-6 times

Shots with guided missile

Carrier type




Shot type





100 mm

115 mm

125 mm

Shooting range

100-4000 m

100-4000 m

100-5000 m

Armor penetration average

600 mm

600 mm

700 mm

Overcoming dynamic protection is provided.

The control system is automatic, by laser beam.

General characteristics

  • Russian tanks are distinguished by high operation reliability and simplicity. Today they constitute a substantial part of the tank fleet in many countries of the world. Modernization of weapons and fire control systems of tanks T-55, T-62, T-72 increases the tank combat effectiveness by 3-5 times and brings it to the level of modern tanks, giving new possibilities.
  • Equipping tanks with guided weapons does not require modification of the weapons and ammunition, does not change the appearance of the tanks and allows you to save both the fleet of combat vehicles and the entire structure of maintenance and repair systems.
  • all-day combat use;
  • firing from the spot and on the move guided missiles;
  • a significant increase in the regular artillery ammunition effective range;
  • automatic target tracking;
  • duplication of shooting from the commander's position;
  • effective search for targets.

Additional information

Complex composition:

  • Automatic fire control system:
    - commander’s sight;
    - gunner's sight;
    - automatic object tracking;
  • Shots with guided missile.