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Silicocalcium phosphate neurosurgical radiopaque implants kit for reconstructive operations on the skull vault and base and spinal column stabilization «NIS-NH-R» is intended to replace bone defects in the craniofacial region, eliminate facial skull deformities as well as replace vertebral bodies defects.

Tactical characteristics

2. Cylindrical implants

2.1. Cervical


27 х 15

2.2. Chest


33 х 17

2.3. Lumbar


45 х 20

3. Elliptical implants

3.1. Cervical




17 х 15 х 15

20 х 15 х 15

24 х 15 х 15

3.2. Lumbar



25 х 20 х 20

30 х 20 х 20


NIS-HX-R kit consists of lamellar implants for covering defects of vault and skull base bones, as well as elliptical and cylindrical implants for the vertebral bodies stabilization. «NIS-NH-R» unified implants kit was developed on «BAK-1000» biocompatible composite osteoconductive material basis, consisting of a cellular silicate matrix, in which the basic bone mineral hydroxyapatite is dispersed with an atomic ratio of Ca/P = 1.66 in an amount up to 50 wt.%.

General characteristics

  • In case of bone grafting, NIS-NH-R implants kit is fitted with carborundum and diamond cutters according to the defect shape in the fornix, base and facial skull bones while considering the patient’s individual anthropometric data.
  • The implants are attached directly to the bone with a wire suture, mylar thread or titanium screws in case of contour plastics.
  • If there are extended through defects and cicatricially poorly supplied blood, the implants are rational to use implants in combination with auto- or allogenic bone. Besides the implant should be placed between the bone fragments as a strut, and the bone graft should be placed in the inlay and fixed to the bone bed.
  • Implants use in combination with a titanium mesh or mini-plates is possible in order to ensure more reliable implants fixation to the bone. Such plastics method allow metal structure fixation with screws to the bone and the contour formed from a titanium mesh with a biocomposite material is freely filled.
  • The implant is adjusted to the contour and the size of the defect while using cutters and is installed in the defect in the spacer form while replacing the bodies including vertebral bodies defects. Additional fixation plates is available.

Basic information

Side effect:

Не установлено.


Condition after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, severe general somatic diseases, such as uncompensated diabetes mellitus, severe forms of ischemic disease, etc., active inflammatory process in the tissues, systemic bone diseases and autoimmune processes.

Release form:

«NIS-NX-R» implants sets are delivered in complete set or individually.

Additional information

  • «NIS-NX-R» implants kit is biocompatible with the living organism tissues, non-toxic, are not subject to deformation in the long-term after implantation, have X-ray contrast, resistance to infection and osteoconductivity due to the developed cellular-porous pore structure characterized by a total porosity of 75% which ensures the material impregnation with tissue fluid with the subsequent osteogenesis process development on the surface and in the medical products volume and the postoperative wounds healing by primary intention.
  • «NIS-NH-R» implants kit allows to expand the reconstructive osteoplastic surgery opportunities as well as to improve the functional and aesthetic neurosurgical treatment result.