About product

The anemometer  intended to measure the instantaneous wind speed, automatically detect dangerous by the combined speed effect and wind gusts duration as well as corresponding signal and emergency devices enabling. The current anemometer types are installed on tower and portal cranes, airfields and other places where emergency wind protection devices and wind speed measurements are required.
  The anemometer consists of a remote wing type wind sensor, a digital processing console as well as measurement results display and an interconnecting cable, RS-232 interface.

General characteristics

Anemometer power:

  • from AC mains with 220V voltage and (50 ± 1) Hz or (60 ± 1) Hz frequency;
  • from the direct current source with 24 V voltage

Power consumption:

  • from alternating current no more than 15 VA
  • from direct current source no more than 10 W

Allowable switching executive relay voltage is not more than 250 V at a switching current of not more than:

  • for direct current 0.2 A;
  • for alternating current 2.0 A.

Overall anemometer dimensions should be (mm):

  • wind sensor Ø 230 х 330;
  • remote control 205 х 130 х 100.

Weight (kg) should be no more than:

  • wind sensor 1,0;
  • remote control 2,5.

Additional information

1. The device has a measuring tools types approval certificate. State register number 47324-11