About product

M-22A ILAN.406133.002 daily and weekly barographs (hereinafter referred to as barographs) intended to record changes in atmospheric pressure in the range of 100 hPa over time, ranging from 780 to 1060 hPa (mbar) within the ground conditions, are made for the national economy’s needs. TCC barograph climatic modification type of 4.2 category according to GOST15150-69, but for operation at temperatures from minus 10 to plus 45 °С and relative humidity of ambient air from 30 to 80%.

Tactical characteristics

Main registration error

time at temperature (20±5)°С:

for barograph type M-22AS for 24 h, min

for barograph type M-22AN for 168 h, min

Not more than ±10

Not more than ±70

Additional temperature error

of the instantaneous value

of the daily variation caused by

the temperature deviation from 20  °С, с/ °С

  ±3, not more than

The line deviation for recording

a small horizontal division of the form

from the arc form line for the barograph

type M-22AS

type M-22AN

No more than 1/3

No more than 1/4

Record line width:

- within normal conditions, mm

- at a deviation from normal conditions, mm

0,3  +0,1/-0,2

Not more than 0,6

General characteristics

  • Overall barograph dimensions 130х245х180 mm
  • Barograph weight 2 kg
  • Average failure time 12500 h
  • Average service life 8 years

Additional information

The device has a measuring tools type approval certificate. State register number 4144-03.