About product

It is intended to measure the atmospheric pressure and absolute air pressure in the test volume at ambient temperature from + 5 ° С to + 50°С and relative humidity up to 80%.

General characteristics

  • The barometer body tightness provides the internal pressure change of not more than 1.0 mm mercury column in 6 minutes with differences between external measuring range atmospheric pressure and extreme values.
  • The barometer withstands 1000 cycles of pressure change at a rate of up to 25 mm mercury column per second from atmospheric pressure of the day to 5 mm Hg
  • Overall dimensions, mm, not more than
    diameter 205
    height 125
  • Weight without case not more than 3.2 kg.
  • The average barometer service life is at least 6 years.

Additional information

1. The barometer refers to non-repairable items.

2. The barometer has got the measuring tools type approval certificate. State register number 3745-73.