About product

Thermographs meteorological with bimetallic sensitive element M-16A ILAN.405142.001 daily and weekly (hereinafter referred to as thermographs) are intended to record air temperature in ground conditions changes while being produced for the national economy’s needs, exploited at temperatures from minus 45°C to plus 45°C and relative air humidity of 100% at a temperature of 25°C.

Tactical characteristics

Additional temperature error of the daily variation instantaneous value caused by the temperature deviation from 20°С by 1°С 

Not more than ±3

The line deviation for recording a small horizontal form division from the arcuate form line for the thermograph:

- daily

- weekly

No more than 1/3

No more than 1/4

Record line width:

- within normal conditions, m

- at a deviation from normal conditions, mm

0,3  +0,1/-0,2

Not more than 0,6

General characteristics

  • Overall thermograph dimensions 130*330*180mm
  • Thermograph mass 2 kg
  • Thermograph fail-over probability in 1000 hours of operating time 0.92
  • Average service life 8 years

Additional information

The device has got the measuring tools type approval certificate. State register number 3460-03