About product

It is intended for the loading and unloading and other work mechanization within the cramped conditions to be used in industry, civil and road construction, in municipal and agriculture, in river and sea ports (for stripping vessels of bulk cargo residues), performing warehouse operations, for cleaning territory, working sites coatings repair and access roads, for moving rocks of 1-4 categories in accordance with STN 73 3050, etc., in railway transport and in other industries.

Additional Information

The mini-loader design provides the ability to work with the following interchangeable working equipment types:

  • universal bucket,
  • quarry bucket,
  • heap,
  • concrete mixer,
  • anti-icing materials spreader,
  • excavator,
  • forks with a clamp,
  • pitchfork with clamp,
  • pitchfork,
  • cargo pin,
  • snow plow,
  • road brush,
  • drill,
  • trench excavator,
  • cargo boom.