9Ф635М1 field upgraded simulator for training the anti-aircraft gunners who use portable anti-aircraft missile systems of «Igla» type

About product

•    inculcation in the anti-aircraft gunners of the initial skills of the use of portable anti-aircraft missile system within classroom conditions;
•    training level maintaining, skills improvement, psychophysical training, work control as part of a unit (department) in conditions of air defense field camps and unprepared areas at any time of the year in various weather conditions.

Simulator composition:

  • instructor's console;
  • «Igla» type portable anti-aircraft missile system imitators (3 pieces);
  • dynamically similar aircraft simulator;
  • autonomous power supply unit.

Simulator provides

  • training of anti-aircraft gunners to combat the use of Portable anti-aircraft missile system within classroom conditions and in real terrain using electronic firing at real and simulated airborne targets;
  • maintaining and controlling the level of training of anti-aircraft gunners to combat workmanship in determining the target type as well as its movement and parameters (range, course, speed, parameter, altitude);
  • defining the boundaries of the zone and the moment of launch, execution of operations to capture the target, its tracking, imitation of the launch of the missile attack, both on the opposite and on the following courses, in manual or automatic modes;
  • the ability for an instructor to create an unlimited number of his own tasks with an indication of the type, speed and trajectory of the movement of targets, the selection of weather conditions and the phono-target situation;
  • automatic assessment of trainee actions;
  • storing and recording learning outcomes in a single database.