About product

«Igla-S» portable anti-aircraft missile system is intended to cover military units, military and civilian objects from direct air attacks of tactical aircraft (fighters, attack aircraft, fighter-bomber aircraft), combat helicopters of fire support, as well as to destroy cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles in oncoming and naval courses in conditions of natural and artificial interference with visual target visibility including at night..
It's a new-generation complex and possesses a new quality of firing for the current complexes classroom - high efficiency of hitting small targets such as cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Tactical characteristics

Main characteristics of the missile

Missile caliber, mm


 Missile length, mm


 Missile launch mass, kg


Starting engine type

solid fuel

Transition time from traveling to combat, s

no more than 13

Sustainer engine type

solid fuel, dual mode

Warhead type

High-explosive fragmentation with non-contact-contact explosive

Aerodynamic design



aerodynamic control surfaces, control engine on the initial trajectory part

Type of homing head

optical two-spectral tracking type (passive)

Control system


«Igla-S» complex features

- a significant increase in the efficiency of destruction of air targets and the damaging effect of the warhead, provided by:

  • increasing weight of explosive (1.5 times compared with the «Igla-S» portable anti-aircraft missile system rocket)
  • implementation of the proximity sensor of the target with preservation of the contact fuse and optimization of their collaboration under the conditions of the meeting in order to:
    - use of detonation fuel of the propulsion system
    - improve the accuracy of hitting aircraft vulnerable points

- an increase in the range of targets to be hit to 6.0 km compared to 5.2 km for «Igla» complex, provided by improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the rocket and using proportional steering gear

- ensuring shooting at night using night vision sights

- ensuring the opportunity of placement on various devices

Based on the use of a set of control equipment and start-up modules 9S846 «Strelets» the following actions are implemented:

  • mobile short-range air defense systems creation
  • equipping anti-aircraft missiles anti-aircraft artillery systems
  • helicopter air-to-air missile systems development
  • light shipboard anti-aircraft missile systems creation

«Igla-S» complex is «Igla» portable anti-aircraft missile system successor, surpassing them in efficiency, reliability, survival and retaining their best benefits:

  • shooting from the shoulder by one person
  • «shot-forget» successor implementation
  • ensuring a high noise immunity level within the natural (background) and artificial interference conditions
  • simple operator’s action when targeting and starting
  • high reliability during operation
  • low unmasking signs in combat use.
  • high working capacity application preservation secrecy in extreme appliance conditions

Complex composition

military means:

  • 9М342 missile in 9П338 pipe with 9Б238-1 (9Б238) ground-based power source
  • 9П522 launcher

Maintenance tools:

  • 9В866-2 mobile control point
  • 9Ф719-2 test equipment (for bases and arsenals) kit

Training facilities:

  • Ф663 training kit
  • 9Ф635 (9Ф635М1) product
  • 9К338-МАКЕТ a dimensional mass models kit of combat equipment of complex
  • 9К338-РАЗР split layouts kit for combat equipment of complex
  • 9Ф859 universal complex simulator
  • 9Ф874 unified indoor simulator
  • 9Ф877 computer training classroom equipment .