About product

It is intended to hit jet, turboprop and propeller-driven aircraft, as well as helicopters with their visual visibility and at night, on oncoming and following courses, in conditions of background or artificial thermal interference.
High noise immunity from artificial noise. Round-the-clock work with recognition of the «friend-alien» goal. The main application is shooting from the shoulder. It is possible to use it with the use of a support launcher 203- basic launcher «Dzhigit» and a set of control equipment and launcher modules 9С846 «Strelets».

Tactical characteristics

Main characteristics of the missile

Missile caliber, mm


Missile length, mm


Missile launch mass, kg


Starting engine type

solid fuel

Sustainer engine type

solid fuel, dual mode

Warhead type


Aerodynamic design



aerodynamic control surfaces, control engine at the initial trajectory part

Type of homing head

optical two-spectral tracking (passive)

Control system


«Igla» complex features

  • two-spectral infrared homing head
  • automatic introduction of lead angles and elevation at launch
  • selection of a target within its heat interference
  • software for hitting the rocket into the target corpus
  • undermining the remaining fuel of the main engine simultaneously with the warhead
  • blocking missile launch on "their" targets

Complex composition

Military means:

  • 9M39 missile in a 9П39 launch tube
  • 9Б238 ground power supply
  • 9П516 trigger mechanism

Targeting receiving means:

  • 1Л15-1 portable electronic tablet

Maintenance tools:

  • 9В866 (9В866М) mobile checkpoint
  • 9Ф719 (9Ф719М) test equipment kit (for bases and arsenals)

Training facilities:

  • a set of split layouts for combat equipment 9K38 complex
  • an overall weight model of the combat equipment of 9K38 complex;
  • 9Ф663 (9Ф663М) training set ;
  • 9Ф635 (9Ф635М1) field simulator ;
  • 9Ф859 universal complex simulator ;
  • 9Ф874 unified classroom simulator .