About product

«Strelets» control equipment and launch modules set is intended to provide automated remote single, sequential or salvo launch of «Igla» or «Igla-S» missiles from various land, air and sea-based carriers.

Tactical characteristics

Firing mode

single, sequential, salvo with 2 misseles from different sides

Module loading (unloading) time by one person, min.

no more than 3,3

Non-equipped launch module weight, kg

not more than 41

Control and communication equipment weight, kg

not more than 4,5

Set of equipment for «Strelets» launch modules features

  • Adaptability to various carriers: self-propelled, airborne, shipless without degrading the technical characteristics of the missiles and without restrictions on the characteristics of the carrier.
  • The possibility of salvo launch of two missiles (from different sides of the carrier).
  • Possibility to place on the carrier 4 modules of universal launch, controlled from one control and communication equipment.
  • Modular construction, causing rapid recovery of readiness when receiving damage.

Kit contents

Combat weapons:

  • universal launch module
  • control and communication equipment

Means of control and maintenance:

  • Test equipment
  • set SPTA