About product

•    anti-aircraft gunners training in «Igla» portable anti-aircraft missile system type use, «Dzhigit» support-launcher, set of equipment for «Strelets» launch modules;
•    training anti-aircraft gunners with the aim of maintaining and improving acquired skills.

Simulator composition:

  • armor-piercing projectile simulator (at the customer’s choice, the simulator can be equipped with simulators - Igla-1, Igla-S, Igla-S, 203-Basic launcher «Dzhigit», and set of equipment for «Strelets» launch modules with appropriate software);
  • screen complex (screen, projectors, sound system);
  • computer complex (computers, hub);
  • instructor's workplace (monitors, printer, keyboard, manipulator);
  • cables kit.

Simulator provides

  • work with one simulator with the appropriate software;
  • detection, determination of type, evaluation of the course parameter, altitude and speed of flight of the simulated target;
  • assessment of launch zone boundaries on oncoming and follow-up flight courses of the target;
  • performing operations in detecting, capturing and tracking a target, launching missiles in manual or automatic modes on oncoming and follow-up courses;
  • setting different shooting conditions: the absence or presence of target maneuvers, false heat targets, modulated interference, background noise (sun, clouds), moving base (car, tank, armored personnel carrier, ship), setting different terrain and environment;
  • multiple repetition by the anti-aircraft gunner of the most complex pre-launch and launch operations under the supervision of an instructor;
  • monitoring and evaluating the activities of trainees in the course of training, including the analysis of the past training cycle with its re-demonstration;
  • automatic evaluation of the trainee’s work results during validation runs;
  • learning results documenting.