About product

•    the study of the portable anti-aircraft missile system construction physical principles;  
•    study of portable anti-aircraft missile system;  
•    study of the portable anti-aircraft missile system operation and combat use rules;  
•    multi-level control of students' knowledge;
•    portable anti-aircraft missile system specialists professional selection.

Equipment composition:

  • teacher’s (instructor’s) workplaces;
  • students’ workplaces;
  • server with local area network;
  • presentation equipment: a projector, a wall-mounted screen, a radio system with a microphone and speakers as well;
  • workplace intended for professional selection.

Equipment provides

  • conducting lectures while using audio-video-graphic educational materials;
  • self-training and existing knowledge self-control conducting by students;
  • conducting knowledge control of students in the current survey in the lectures and exams process;
  • knowledge control results preservation in the database and their documentation;
  • professional trainees selection in accordance with special test tasks with the required documentation and information storage in the database.