About product

«Djigit» support-launcher is intended to be located and aimed at the target and single or salvo launch of two missiles from the portable «Igla» or «Igla-S» anti-aircraft missile complexes by one anti-aircraft gunner.
«Djigit» support-launcher is unique in its ability to conduct salvo launches of portable anti-aircraft missile system’s anti-aircraft missiles. the probability of hitting the target is increased by an average of 1.5 times in case of salvo launch.

«Djigit» support-launcher features:

  • Fire rate increase with single missile launches,
  • Target hitting probability increase during a salvo launch of missiles,
  • Adaptability to various light self-propelled carriers,
  • Structurally, the support-launcher can be easily disassembled into three portable parts.


Combat weapons:

  • support-launcher.

Controls and maintenance:

  • test equipment,
  • SPTA kit.

Training facilities.

Staff training is carried out while using regular training of «Igla» type complexes facilities:

  • 9Ф859 «Conus» universal complex simulator,
  • 9Ф663 training kit.

«Djigit» support-launcher can be equipped with:

  • equipment to obtain preliminary target designation from a higher management level,
  • night vision sight,
  • radio inquiry system of identification Mk-XA, Mk-XII,
  • a set of equipment for locating the launch pad and missile ammunition on various carriers.