About product

•    training of anti-aircraft missiles anti-aircraft gunners of «Igla» type independently or as part of units in the use of portable anti-aircraft missile system combat weapons;
•    work with military means on real, educational purposes or on the computer center (air target simulator);
•    psycho-physiological training of anti-aircraft gunners;
•    monitoring the trainees’ actions and their operations safety as well.

Simulator composition

  • hardware and software kit;
  • imitators of weapons of «Igla»-type portable anti-aircraft missile system (up to 16);
  • unmanned aircraft complex.

Simulator provides

  • training of anti-aircraft gunners in acquiring skills to prepare and conduct launches of missiles of portable anti-aircraft missile system while using real targets and unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • operations to prepare and launch a model (simulator) of a rocket, similar to the actions of the anti-aircraft gunner during preparation and launching of missiles of portable anti-aircraft missile system missiles with the opportunity of a sound simulation of the launch;
  • analysis of the conditions required for obtaining permission to launch the model (simulator) of the missile;
  • documenting the results of the work of anti-aircraft gunners;
  • electronic recording and storage of information of all actions with the simulator throughout the entire life cycle;
  • display of information in real time;
  • testing components of the kit.