About product

•     9П157 2   (9П157-3) combat vehicle operators training of «Hrizantema-S» ATGM with heat-television and radar control systems to work on detecting, tracking, capturing simulated targets, launch production;
•    combat vehicle operators training in order to maintain and improve skills acquired.

Simulator composition:

  • operator’s workplace;
  • hardware-software complex;
  • instructor's workplace;
  • auxiliary kits.

Simulator provides

  • 9П157-2 (9П157 3) combat vehicle operators training in basic operations of combat work while using the electronic firing method in the following modes:
    - «review» - while using the simulator;
    - «laser» - while using the simulator;
    - «radar» - while using simulation equipment of radar control system;
    - «combined» - using simulators of both control systems;
  • automated monitoring and evaluation of the operatorsэ activities in the learning process while maintaining learning outcomes;
  • self-study and self-control of operator knowledge;
  • training of operators in order to maintain and improve acquired skills;
  • combat vehicles operators training in operations to destroy ground and air low-speed (up to 340 km/h), low-flying (up to 1500 m) attacking targets located in the elevation sector from –5 to + 15˚ relative to the horizon line;
  • training scenarios formation;
  • the ability to display learning results on a printing device;
  • testing of control systems.