About product

•    anti-aircraft gunners training in «Igla» type portable anti-aircraft missile system use (target search, recognition, determination of the distance to the target, bringing the Portable anti-aircraft missile system into the firing position, aiming, tracking, launching);
•    training to maintain and improve acquired skills.

Simulator composition

student's workplace:

  • portable anti-aircraft missile system weapons imitator;

hardware and software kit:

  • helmet display equipped with orientation sensor;
  • acoustic system;
  • instructor's workplace, including: personal electronic computer with software, mounting stand, microphone, VGA-signal splitter, printer.

Simulator provides

  • training of anti-aircraft gunners in combat work rules with portable anti-aircraft missile system and instilling skills of its use in various conditions without the military equipment use;
  • generation and reproduction of images of flying straight, maneuvering or hanging targets (single or group - up to 4 targets) with the provision of natural angular speeds, angular sizes, appearance and view angles regarding the anti-aircraft gunner;
  • training to maintain and improve acquired skills;
  • continuous trainee’s actions monitoring by the instructor as well as automatic training tasks fulfillment assessment;
  • detailed trainee's actions analysis and results storage in a database;
  • various training scenarios availability (type and number of targets, flight paths, natural and artificial interference, etc.) as well as an opportunity to create new ones;
  • various combat use conditions imitation: light (including the effect of glare from the sun), weather conditions, etc.;
  • shooting from mobile platforms (car, tank, armored personnel carrier, ship);
  • various virtual scenes - plain, mountains, desert, urban buildings, etc., including models of real-life parts of the terrain;
  • training «launchers» implementation results documentation with automatic grading for conducting each test shooting and training in general