About product

«Verba» portable anti-aircraft missile system is intended for hitting airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles on oncoming and catching courses within organized optical interference conditions when the target is visually visible as well as at night. It can be used in any geographic areas, including mountain and sea conditions, in the temperature range from -50 to +50°С.

Complex composition:

«Verba» portable anti-aircraft missile system combat weapons:

  • 9М336 anti-aircraft missile in a pipe;
  • 9П521 launch mechanism;
  • 1Л229В terrestrial radio inquiry.

Maintenance tools:

  • 9В681 mobile control point ;
  • 9В682 test equipment for bases and arsenals .

9Ф879 a single set of training facilities consisting of:

  • 9Ф877 computer training equipment for portable anti-aircraft missile system ;
  • 9Ф874 unified indoor simulator for training anti-aircraft gunners of portable anti-aircraft missile system of the «Igla» type;
  • 9Ф859 universal complex simulator;
  • 9Ф663М tactical training field training kit;
  • 9Ф635М1 field upgraded simulator for training and training anti-aircraft gunners of Portable anti-aircraft missile system of «Igla» type gun;
  • 9К333, 9К333-МАКЕТ a set of dimensional and mass models of combat weapons of portable anti-aircraft missile system .

 «Verba» portable anti-aircraft missile system can be equipped with means of detection, recognition, fire control and target designation in order to improve the combat use effectiveness.

General characteristics

  • new «Verba» portable anti-aircraft missile system is superior in efficiency to portable anti-aircraft missile system of the previous generation by 1.5 ... 2 times, especially at mile lines more than 3 km;
  • 10 times increased protection from powerful pyrotechnic interference;
  • 2.5 times the range of fire at targets with low thermal radiation due to increased sensitivity of the rocket’s united group of forces;
  • «Verba» portable anti-aircraft missile system can be more effectively used in the air defense system to combat UAVs and other weakly emitting targets in the infrared radiation range;
  • the practice of using the ground-based interrogator of the «friend-alien» system has been returned;
  • extended temperature range of use to -50 °С;
  • reduced weight of combat vehicles relative to the previous «Igla-S» portable anti-aircraft missile system;
  • «Verba» missile can be used not only in both firing from the shoulder form as well as an interspecific standardized combat means of combating air targets for equipping various carriers of land, air and sea bases.

Additional information

«Verba» complex is the «Igla-S» portable anti-aircraft missile system successor, surpassing its effectiveness and retaining its best benefits:

  • shooting by one person from the shoulder;
  • «shot-forget» principle implementation;
  • ensuring a high noise immunity level within natural (background) and artificial interference conditions;
  • operator’s action ease when aiming and starting;
  • high reliability during operation;
  • high secrecy of application, preservation of working capacity in extreme conditions of application.