About product

The pneumohydraulic actuator to control ball valves is intended to control ball valves DN 300 mm PN 3.5 ... 16.0 MPa aboveground and underground installations on pipelines transporting natural gas, at gas collection and treatment points, at compressor and gas distribution stations.

Tactical characteristics

Torque developed by the actuator at the control medium pressure of 16 MPa, N*m, not less

for the «opening»

68 438

for the «closing»

64 840

in the middle «opening» stroke position

49 012

in the middle «closure» stroke position

45 087

Maximum working torque, N*m, not more than

35 000

Rotation angle, degree


Earthquake resistance - up to 6 points on the seismic resistance intensity scale - MSK-64

Climatic modification in accordance with GOST 15150-69-HL1