About product

9F660-1M simulator (version GEF 161464.023-02) is intended to train Kornet-EM ATGM operators with an automated 9P163-3 launcher.

The simulator composition

  • Instructor's workplace:
    - a laptop;
    - power supply unit;
  • the workplace of the student:
    - module UTN-12 (simulator of the operator’s console of autonomous launch 9P163-3 - unit UTN-12-01 with simulator of the video-inspection device of the autonomous launch - unit UTN-12-02);
    - head phones;
  • cables;
  • spare parts kit;
  • single spare parts, tools and accessories kit;
  • package set;
  • operational documentation.

The equipment of the simulator is installed on two tables (included in the delivery package) - an instructor's workplace with a laptop is organized on one desk, and an operator’s workplace is on the other desk.

The simulator provides

  • imitation of work with management bodies and funds operator’s console displays;
  • imitation of the television, thermal imaging and distance measuring channels of the aiming-starting module autonomous launcher;
  • imitation of targeting the starting-up module autonomous launcher in the vertical and horizontal planes with imitation of the speed of pointing the autonomous launcher;
  • automatic tracking of the target in the television and thermal imaging channels;
  • imitation of phono-target situation with objects of armored vehicles at ranges up to 8000 m in day and night conditions;
  • imitation of phono-target situation with low-flying low-speed means such as a helicopter, assault aircraft, UAVs at distances of up to 10,000 m in day and night conditions;
  • imitation of the production of a shot and flight of a rocket;
  • Imitation of rocket launch in the «Tandem» mode.

Methodical possibilities of the simulator

  • management of the learning process from the instructor’s workplace;
  • checking the fitness of the simulator;
  • training of the operator in basic operations of combat work using electronic firing;
  • keeping a log of trainees;
  • formation of a learning scenario;
  • formation of new tasks;
  • automatic calculation of estimates for the performance of tasks;
  • the formation of a database on the results of the tasks;
  • recording the time of the simulator;
  • the possibility of duplicating the image of the phono-target situation using a projector.