About product

9Ф660-4 simulator is intended to train the Metis, Metis-M and Metis-M1 ATGM operators in the two-coordinate tracking of simulated targets, launching and subsequent training in order to maintain and improve the skills already acquired.

Simulator composition:

  • Instructor's workplace:
    - УТН-1М7 unit - digital machine (system unit, video monitor, keyboard);
  • operator’s workplace for training from a sitting position:
    - УТН-7М2 unit – simulator 9П151 (9П151М) launcher (simulator of the target channel, simulator of the swivel, simulator of the start mechanism and the pillar);
    - head phones;
  • cables;
  • a set of tools and accessories;
  • single SPTA set;
  • package set;
  • operational documentation.

The equipment of the simulator is installed on two standard tables (not included in the delivery package). On the instructor's desk, the component parts of the УТН-1М7 unit are located, the operator’s workplace is organized on the operator’s desk.

The simulator provides

  • the study of the principles of the combat use of anti-tank systems;
  • formation of training scenarios depending on the level of operator training;
  • training in methods of detecting and hitting targets in the optical channel of guidance in day and night conditions;
  • synthesizing the visual environment using three-dimensional graphics;
  • demonstration of the guidance process in the "ideal" operator mode;
  • viewing the actions of the operator in detecting and tracking the target when performing electronic «launches» in real, accelerated and slow time scales;
  • monitoring and evaluating the activities of operators in the preparation process;
  • storing learning results in databases;
  • ranking of operators depending on learning outcomes;
  • achievement by operators of the required level of professional training, maintenance and improvement of combat skills in self-training modes and under the guidance of an instructor.