About product

      Intended to hit moving and stationary modern and prospective tanks, other armored (IFV, APR) and small-sized targets (such as Long-term fire torrent, Woodland firing point), fortifications, manpower in shelters and in open areas, as well as low-flying air with speeds up to 400 km/h targets day and night, surface light targets.
      «Ataka-T» guided weapons complex (index B07S1) is intended for installation in the towers and combat compartments of various combat vehicles on the chassis of tanks (for example, Tank Support Fighting Vehicle and Tank Support Fighting Vehicle -72), IFV, APR, tractors and other VGM and vehicles, in ship installations, including foreign production.

Tactical characteristics

Missile firing modes


Fire rate, rds / min


The choice of missiles on the type of warhead


Warhead Penetration Warhead

9M120-1 missiles for dynamic protection, mm

not less than 800

Rocket flight time

on D = 5000 m, s not more


The average flight speed of the rocket

is supersonic

Reaction time (minimum time from the moment of transition to the CSU mode before the launch of the rocket), s

less than 1.2

The number of missiles on launcher, pcs

up to 4

Time of manual loading / unloading of one guide launcher, minutes

no more than 0.5


Guided weapons complex consists of the complex equipment, combat equipment, maintenance equipment, training equipment and training equipment:

  • launcher B07S1.01.000;
  • ground-based control equipment VIAM.461112.001;
  • anti-tank guided missile 9M120-1;
  • rocket controlled 9M120-1F;
  • rocket controlled 9M120-1F-1;
  • practical guided missile 9M120-1 PRACT;
  • KIT group kits (ZIP-G) for the components of the CSU;
  • product training 9M120 MAKET;
  • dummy registering mass - dimensional 242-EDM.000;
  • caliber 199.PK.200.

Requirements for the carrier CSU «Ataka-T»

Characteristics of the equipment of the fire control system of the carrier, necessary for the operation of the guided weapons complex.

The mismatch of the line of sight of the narrow field of the TPR channel relative to the optical channel, not more than, ang.


Angles of sight line guidance, not less, hail


-way down



Maximum possible angular velocity of sight line guidance, not less, degree/s


Error tracking the line of sight behind the target center, not more

-for a distance of 5000m

-for a target range of 500m



Error stabilization rocket launcher in the entire operating range of the angles of the rocket launcher, no more, ang. min

-for fixed targets

-for moving target



The maximum possible angular velocity of the rocket launcher turn, not less,





Fighting machine speed, including over rough terrain, during the operation of the guided weapons complex, not more, km / h


Rocket flight modes

(set by the carrier fire control systems)

-without exceeding the line of sight;

- with an excess of 4-8 m above the line of sight with the «Dust» mode set when shooting at a target at a range from 1500 m to 5500 m.

The initial flight mode of the rocket when the carrier's queue management system is turned on in the guided weapons complex mode before the range is measured (the carrier’s carrier fire control systems is set)

without exceeding the line of sight

with an automatically established initial range of 6000 м.

The requirement for determining the distance to the target by the carrier equipment:

- at a given flight mode missiles without exceeding the line of sight

- at a given flight mode missiles with excess above the line of sight.

with an automatically established initial range of 6000 m, no measurement of the range before launch is required;

it is required to measure the range before launching the rocket with a measurement accuracy of ± 50 m.

General characteristics

Launcher B07S1.01.000

The launcher is intended for placement, fastening and starting of GM.

The installation package of the starting B07S1.01.000 includes:

for B07S1.01.000 option 1:

  • left guide block BO7С1.01.150;
  • right side guide block B07С1.01.160;
  • Case B07S1.01.130 (two pieces);
  • Spare parts kit single B07S1.01.200.

  • left guide block BO7С1.01.350;
  • right side guide block BO7С1.01.360;
  • Spare parts kit single B07S1.01.200.

For installation of the starting B07S1.01.000, a set of spare parts kit for the group B07S1.01.300 for 30 products B07S1.01.000 and a set of operational documents have been developed.

Technical characteristics (properties) of launcher

GM number on launcher

4 pcs

launcher mass without packaging:

for B07S1.01.000 option 1

for B07S1.01.000 option 2

no more than 108 kg

no more than 119 kg

GM placement on the block guides:

for B07S1.01.000 option 1

for B07S1.01.000 option 2

one under the other

one next to the other with a ledge down the outer guided missile

Overall dimensions of launcher components:

for B07S1.01.000 option 1:

‑ left guide block B07С1.01.150

- right side guide block B07С1.01.160

for B07S1.01.000 option 2:

‑left guide block B07С1.01.350

‑right side guide block B07С1.01.360

no more than 920х263х431 mm

no more than 920х263х431 mm

no more than 920х418х330 mm

no more than 920х418х330 mm

Guiding blocks of guides in elevation and azimuth is performed by media drives..

rocket launcher should be operated under the following climatic conditions:

operating temperature from minus 50 to plus 55°C;

atmosphere pressure:

1) working - not lower than 60 kPa (450 mm Hg);

2) during transportation - not less than 12 kPa (90 mm Hg. )