About product

«Ataka-VN» complex while being a part of the Mi-28N helicopter is intended to hit tanks and other mobile armored targets, reinforced concrete shelters, armored caps and field fortifications, short-range anti-aircraft systems, manpower in shelters and in open areas, and also to combat low-flying low-speed air targets. It has high efficiency, accuracy, noise immunity. Provides combat missions around the clock in simple and limited weather conditions.

Complex composition

  • observation station round-the-clock action, designed for search, detection, recognition, manual and automatic tracking of ground, surface, air, mobile and fixed targets;
  • command transmission equipment;
  • two launchers (right and left), providing docking electrical circuits of missiles with a helicopter gun control system;
  • guided missiles ammunition.

The control system of the complex is semi-automatic, direction-finding, with the transmission of commands over the radio link.