About product

It is intended to conduct reconnaissance and control units of anti-tank systems «Kornet-E», «Metis-M1», «Konkurs-M» in the preparation and during the fighting at any time, in adverse weather conditions.

Tactical characteristics:

Radar station

Tank target detection range

up to 6000 m

set weight

18 kg

Commander's console

weight (with battery)

not more than 7 kg

VHF radio station

communication range in a mid-terrain conditions

of at least 1.5 km


not more than 0.4 kg

Device orientation ATGM


2,2 kg


Radar station

the detection and determination of the coordinates of moving ground targets (tank, infantry fighting vehicle, etc.) and their automated issuance to the console of the commander of the complex

Commander's console

Automation of division management.

VHF radio station

The organization of digital radio communication and data exchange between the commander of the unit and the calculations of the ATGM.

ATGM device orientation

When orienting launchers using the orienteering devices, the directional angle of the ATGM is displayed on the indicating unit of the orientation device.

General characteristics

  • Provides 1.5 times or more increase in the anti-tank units combat use effectiveness.
  • Conducting intelligence and presenting a tactical situation on an electronic map of the area.
  • All-day target detection using radar and LCD.
  • Automated orientation of launchers for ATGM on the ground.
  • Maintenance of radio communications by the commander of the anti-tank unit with firing positions of anti-tank missile systems.
  • Organization of maneuver and advancement of the anti-tank unit at the deployment line.
  • Effective targeting and targeting calculations in the process of firing an anti-tank unit with aiming each ATGM launcher at its target.
  • Automated unit management in preparation and in the course of combat operations.
  • Control by the commander of the unit for the implementation of the ATGM billing management teams.
  • Automatic topographic positioning using GLONASS / GPS equipment.