About product

It affects modern and advanced tanks, lightly armored vehicles, fortifications, low-speed air, surface and other targets at any time of the day, in difficult weather conditions and in conditions of radio electronic and optical interference organized by the enemy.

Tactical characteristics

Thermal sight

Line of sight

- narrow

1,9х2,4 degrees

- wide

5.9x7.3 degrees

Matrix type photodetector

with closed system

Powered by


Continuous operation

not less than 1.5 hours

Exit time
on mode

no more than 7 minutes

General characteristics

  • The launcher is folded into a compact traveling position, the thermal sight is placed in the loading device and delivered to the combat zone by any transport type for Kornet-E complex transportation and operation simplicity.
  • Relatively small size, great power of combat units (a rocket with a cumulative warhead strikes modern tanks, a rocket with a warhead of a high-explosive action is comparable in power to a large-caliber artillery projectile), as well as a considerable range of action allow equipping airmobile units, assault groups and units with a complex special forces troops.
  • The complex allows you to conduct target detection, aiming, shooting, tracking and hitting the target by one person.
  • The possibility of placing elements of the Kornet-E complex in a rotating wheelhouse allows you to create combat vehicles with electromechanical guidance drives, automate the process of loading, targeting and launching rockets.
  • Placing the complex in combat vehicles increases the mobility and diversity of its application.

At the same time, combat vehicles of the complex provide:

  • high rate of fire;
  • constant readiness for rocket launch;
  • salvo firing two missiles at the same target.

Additional Information


A missile is aimed at a target from a launcher with the help of high-precision backlash-free two-speed mechanical drives ensuring target tracking with an accuracy not worse than 0.1.

Guided missiles

Can be equipped with:

  • Tandem cumulative warhead to destroy modern and promising tanks, equipped with dynamic protection;
  • Thermobaric warhead of high-explosive and incendiary actions to defeat lightly armored vehicles, fortifications.

Thermal sight

The third-generation thermal sight of the mobile-portable Kornet-EM complex is based on a matrix photodetector. Its feature is the complete absence of mechanical scanning. The photosensitive matrix is cooled by a miniature gas cryogenic machine operating on the Stirling cycle.

Maintenance tools

  • Test equipment to test the launcher
  • Test equipment for checking thermal imaging

Educational tools

  • Computer simulator for training operators in a room
  • Field simulator to teach operators how to work with a launcher in field conditions