About product

It is intended to destroy modern and advanced tanks, equipped with dynamic protection, lightly armored vehicles, fortifications, surface, low-speed air targets (helicopters, RPVs, attacking assault aircraft) at any time of the day, in difficult weather conditions and in conditions of enemy electronic and optical interference .

Tactical characteristics:

Automated launcher

Guidance angles

- horizontally

± 180 degrees

- vertically

-5 ... +45 degrees

Line of sight

TV channel

- wide

6x6 degrees

- narrow

1x1 degrees

- view channel rangefinder

15х20 degrees

thermal imaging channel

- wide field

5,9х7,3 degrees

- narrow field

1,9х2,4 degrees

Range of measured

200-15000 m

Mass of the module

75.2 kg

Anti-tank guided missile 9M133M-2

Flight range

150 - 8000 m

Armor penetration

1100 - 1300 mm

Weight with container

31 kg

Container length

1210 mm

Guided missile 9M133FM-3

Flight range

150 - 10000 m

TNT equivalent of high explosive warhead

7 kg

Weight with container

33 kg

Container length

1210 mm

General characteristics

  • The defeat of targets in automatic mode reduces the psychophysical burden on operators, the requirements for their qualifications, as well as reduces the time for their preparation.
  • Multiple simultaneous shooting at two targets significantly increases the rate of fire and fire performance of the complex.
  • Shooting two missiles in one beam to hit particularly dangerous targets, including those equipped with active defense systems.
  • Two-fold (up to 10 km), compared with the Kornet-E ATGM system, an increase in the firing range, while the pointing accuracy is increased up to 5 times.
  • Expanding the capabilities of anti-tank systems by hitting small air targets (helicopters, RPVs, attacking assault aircraft).
  • Kornet-EM complex can be placed on a wide range of small-capacity carriers (1 pcs. automated launcher 0.8-1.0 tons; 2 pcs. automated launcher 1.2-1.5 tons).
  • The complex provides shooting of all types of Kornet missiles.

Additional Information

Educational tools

The training of operators for basic combat work skills is carried out with the help of a class-based PC-based simulator, which is the workplace of the complex operator with a monitor. In the simulator, learning tasks are programmed to ensure self-learning and documentation of learning results.