About product

It is intended to destroy modern and advanced tanks, equipped with dynamic protection, lightly armored vehicles, fortifications, surface, low-speed air targets (helicopters, UAV) at any time of day, in difficult weather conditions and in conditions of enemy radio electronic and optical interference.

Tactical characteristics:

Launcher 9P163M-2

Guidance angles

- on the horizon

360 degrees

- in the vertical

from -5 to +20 degrees

Fields of view - sight guidance device

-at increasing 12x

5 degrees

-at increasing 20x

3 degrees

Anti-tank guided missile 9M133M-2

Flight range

150 - 8000 m


1100 - 1300 mm

Weight with container

31 kg

Container length

1210 mm

Guided missile 9M133FM-3

Flight range

150 - 10000 m

TNT equivalent high explosive warhead

7 kg

Weight with container

33 kg

Container length

1210 mm

Thermal sight

Line of sight

- narrow

1,9х2,4 degrees

- wide

5.9x7.3 degrees

Matrix type photodetector

with closed system

­Power supply


Continuous operation

not less than 1.5 hours

Exit time
on certain mode

no more than 7 minutes

General characteristics

  • Increased energy potential of the laser beam control system.
  • Sighting channel with variable multiplicity of 12x and 20x, which provides increased target detection range and reduced aiming errors.
  • Allows to place the complex with a bracket on a wide range of wheeled and tracked vehicles.
  • The complex provides all Kornet missiles types shooting.

Additional information

Maintenance tools

  • Test equipment to test the launcher
  • Test equipment for checking thermal imaging


The sight-guidance device provides visual detection and tracking of the target, measurement of the distance to the target, formation of a laser-beam control field and signals to launch a rocket.

Thermal sight

The third-generation thermal sight of the mobile-portable Kornet-EM complex is based on a matrix photodetector. Its feature is the complete absence of mechanical scanning. The photosensitive matrix is cooled by a miniature gas cryogenic machine operating on the Stirling cycle.

Training things

  • Computer simulator for training operators in a stationary room.
  • Field simulator to teach operators how to work with a launcher in field conditions.